Credibility Packet

A Guide to Our Construction Relationship

If you are a business with high ethical and work standards who is looking to develop a long-term relationship with a well-established Construction and development company that will provide a great product at an affordable and fair price and have it completed on time-then we are looking forward to meeting you soon.


JMKW Development is a locally owned, professional, full-service general contractor that specializes in tenant improvement. We have the capability of performing all phases of development, from design to final construction, and everything in between. In essence, we are a One Stop Shop for all building needs.

Important Facts About JMKW Development:

  • Turn KEY
  • Specializes in TI
  • One Stop Shop

Since its inception, JMKW Development has passionately pursed our goal to help hundreds of business owners to find an answer to their construction needs. Our organization is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau and has been an upstanding member in the El Paso Area.


At JMKW Development, our team is highly motivated, knowledgeable, ethical and resourceful. Qualified to handle any construction project, our dedicated team is committed to helping people with their needs and making sure all projects are completed to satisfaction. We have the expertise to navigate any transaction and the integrity to follow up on our promises.


JMKW Development wants to bring integrity back to construction while guaranteeing a quality product at a fair price. By offering a superior standard for finished products, maintaining effective communication to ensure customer satisfaction and using environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, JMKW Development is raising the standard of commercial development. Our motto is and will always be, “Doing it right the first time”. As a well- established construction/development professionals, we are in this business for the long haul. We place a high priority on developing long-term relationships with our customers so that we all achieve our goals.


Our short-term goal is to aggressively expand the presence of our business in surrounding markets. Our current annual projection is to have 3 or more projects, specifically tenant improvements a month, and develop a shopping center on land that we have purchased. Tennant improvement budgets on our projects range anywhere from to help fix a location and all the way up to 500,000 for a standalone large turn key project. Typical project timeframes generally run from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. Our goal is to complete a project at a rapid pace because we understand how important it is for our client to start operating their business.


Our Long-term goal is to grow our operations into multiple target markets across the country in the coming years. What this means for you is we will create a growing stream of resources that will allow you to grow into different regions and feel comfortable that you won’t have to look for contractors outside of your immediate target area. We want to grow with you.

Our 5-10 Year Vision

  • Continue our annual commercial redevelopment program
  • Pursue land development projects. With our management and sill and background in the development industry, our natural progression will expand us into the community-development arena.
  • Purchas small tracts of land and develop shopping centers throughout Texas.


We actively strive to increase Small Business Development opportunities within the communities, and improve the quality of life for the small businesses in the area by providing quality tenant improvements for a reasonable price. We work hard to create positive and productive mutually beneficial relationships with our affiliated businesses and contracting teams. We strive to assist in the business development of our contracting teams with a goal of mutual growth and continued, long-term success. The use of our proven construction/ development system results in a more predictable and efficient process which consistently creates a superior product and increased profit for all parties involved.


Let’s get this straight right up front. Unlike some companies you may have worked with in the past, we love to pay our contractors. We know you have a business to run and bills to pay-so do we. We understand that when you complete a payment milestone that you want to get your payment as soon as possible. And we know that it's in our interest to have a committed, happy contractor as a partner. So we will pay you-and pay you promptly-as the work is complete in the stages laid out at the onset of the project. A


Our business strategy is to work with Small Business owners in helping them create a location that creates that atmosphere that will attract customers at a fair an affordable price. Because there is such a need for this type of contractor we will be able to provide a steady stream of work.


We have a proven system in place with a pre-determined Scope Of Work containing all the details of the project in one spot, making life much easier for all parties. We work with architects and Franchisees that will select all the materials that go into our projects and we clearly lay out everything that we want done. We always hear from our contractors that one of the best things about working with JMKW is how every component in the Scope of Work is line-itemed. We know time is money for both of us, so we do the extra work on the front end to make sure our budgets and timeframes are very accurate.