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Get Inspired: Libraries and why they are so COOL architecturally and conceptually

We are living in a fast-paced world filled with information technology, communication devices, and smart appliances.  Everyday, there seems to be a new invention created with smarter capabilities, a must have to keep up with the speed of today’s expectations.  In fact, the world seems to be going virtual, from the shopping experience, to the

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Laying a Foundation and How it Applies to Life.

Laying a Foundation in a Building and how it Applies to Life.   Laying a foundation is one of the most important parts in constructing a building.  The foundation is what distributes the weight of the building as well as what keeps it straight and sturdy, as well as dry.  If the foundation is compromised

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JMKW Development is HUBZone Certified

JMKW Development is HUBZone certified. The HUBZone program was created to limit competition for certain businesses in historically underutilized business zones.  It supports small business in urban and rural communities to gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities. As a growing construction company JMKW Development strives to create opportunity for not only small businesses but

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El Paso is an Amazing City. Check out this Cool Place.

El Paso is an amazing city to live in.   There is the beautiful sunshine, the amazing landscape, and the ever growing economy and city development.  We are excited to see a few new business endeavors that are on the way for 2018, one being the Flix Brewhouse which is the world’s only combination first-run cinema

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Think Green: What does it mean to be LEED Certified?

  What does it mean for a building to be LEED Certified?  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The programs is focused on primarily new commercial-building projects and is based on a points system. LEED provides a framework to create efficient, cost-saving green buildings and a LEED certified building is a globally

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The Turnkey process. What does that mean?

A turnkey or a turnkey project (also spelled turn-key) is a type of project that is constructed so that it can be sold to any buyer as a completed product. What this means is that the contractor supplies the essential design, taking on all construction and building elements up to the finishing touches of the cabinets, carpet, and utilities.  The owner

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JMKW Development: Heating and Cooling Promotions!!!

Our Goal Is to Keep El Paso, TX Residents Comfortable WE OFFER A VARIETY OF COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL HVAC SERVICES When you need HVAC services fast, call the expert HVAC contractors at JMKW Development. We provide business and home owners with a variety of fast and affordable HVAC services in the El Paso, Texas area.

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We Are JMKW Development: Have you heard about us?

We are JMKW Development and we are El Paso’s number #1 Construction team.  We support the development of El Paso commerce working with Business’ to build their business from the ground up and handle every step of the process in between.  We know what it means to have the right tools and the right space

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How to Choose the Right HVAC System: Free Estimate

We understand that installing an HVAC system can be a big expense and that choosing the right company to provide this service can be daunting.  At JMKW Development we listen, because want to hear what is important to you.  Our HVAC experts are the best because JMKW Development only offers the best services for the

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