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JMKW Development is HUBZone Certified

JMKW Development is HUBZone certified. The HUBZone program was created to limit competition for certain businesses in historically underutilized business zones.  It supports small business in urban and rural communities to gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities. As a growing construction company JMKW Development strives to create opportunity for not only small businesses but

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Business: 101: How to Win Friends and Influence People: Part 2 Principle 4: Be a good Listener and Encourage other’s Talk about Themselves

Be a Good Listener and Encourage others to Talk about Themselves. Oh the Art of listening.  So simply stated, so elegantly said, but how does one put true listening into action? It is remarkable what comes out of a conversation when you sincerely listen. Successful listening is not a passive action but one that is

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