Get Inspired: Libraries and why they are so COOL architecturally and conceptually


We are living in a fast-paced world filled with information technology, communication devices, and smart appliances.  Everyday, there seems to be a new invention created with smarter capabilities, a must have to keep up with the speed of today’s expectations.  In fact, the world seems to be going virtual, from the shopping experience, to the social experience, to the work experience. Where does the brick and mortar exist in this virtual downloadving?  How do we create physical foundations in a world transfixed to living through the screen space.  The answer? Look to the Libraries! The Library has been leading the way in adapting to this digital age.  In fact, they are prospering. You may have noticed that the libraries are changing. They are being remodeled, opened up, becoming architecturally savvy, beautifying neighborhoods.  They are becoming Hubs for communities offering computer labs, conference rooms, and spaces for communities to talk, make, and create.  Libraries are for the people, and the cities that are investing in the libraries to create these changes, are investing in the people, and building a solid city foundation by offering the citizens access to information, education, and opportunities.  El Paso has been investing in its libraries. Check out the Esperanza-Moreno by branch by IDEA Architects or the Irving Schwartz branch.  Super Cool. Go El Paso!, Go Libraries! JMKWDevelopment is a construction company that builds for any size business. Contact us today to see how we can build for you! 915-519-4213


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