Laying a Foundation and How it Applies to Life.

Laying a Foundation in a Building and how it Applies to Life.


IMG_1273Laying a foundation is one of the most important parts in constructing a building.  The foundation

is what distributes the weight of the building as well as what keeps it straight and sturdy, as well as dry.  If the foundation is compromised the entire integrity of the building will be compromised which means throwing money out the window, literally.  The word foundation is defined as 1. The lowest load-bearing part of a building. 2. An underlying basis or principle for something. 3. The action of establishing an institution or organization on a permanent basis.  


Words that stick out from these definitions are Load-bearing, principles, establishment, and permanent. Buildings are like people in many ways. In a Grandeur scheme laying a solid foundation in life, will establish mindsets and strong wills that can withstand life’s adversaries and will ultimately and definitely bring life successes.    JMKW Development builds solid foundations for any size business. Click the link to learn  more about how JMKW Development can build for you!  

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