EL PASO has a nationally renowned NET ZERO Building: Paisano Green Community


NET ZERO We just finished April ,which is Earth month, but that doesn’t mean that thinking about the Earth ends there. Its a year long quest, a lifetime quest. Ecology is the study of organisms and their environments. For humans, we could look at the study of humans and their relationship with the urban environment and their relationship with the natural environment.  With the discussion of climate change, there is an incentive for buildings to become more sustainable. Last month we talked about becoming LEED Certified by meeting certain LEED requirements and this month we get to talk about what it means to be a Net Zero building.  

Net Zero Buildings are defined as buildings that generate at least 100% of their own power from onsite renewable sources.  

As an example Paisano Green Community in El Paso TX is the first Net Zero Senior Housing project in the US.  It is also LEED platinum certified with electric vehicle charging station, refrigerated air, low flow water fixtures and commodes, air source heat pump water heater, solar panels, wind turbines, and a tapestry garden.



Another example is Cornell Tech’s Bloomberg Center, designed by Morphosis, which is aiming to be Net Zero and will feature solar arrays, geothermal heat pumps, and a chilled-beam system. It also includes a 40,000 rainwater harvesting tank.  

In 2017, 67 buildings were verified as Net Zero in the U.S. and in Canada. 2018 is showing 415 buildings are in construction or in the evaluation process of becoming net Zero.  That’s a 26% increase.

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