El Paso is an Amazing City: 4 Water Parks are Coming to Town!

El Paso is an Amazing City.


Did you hear that El Paso is bringing four 6,000 square foot water parks to various parts of the city? ¬†FOUR!!! They are intended to replace outdated, outdoor rectangular pools with state of the art aquatic facilities that will serve people of all ages. Each park will have a lazy river, water slides, a lap pool, and toddler splash area. Two of the water parks will be located at 900 Radford and 1225 Giles and the other two water parks are going to built in the northeast and west side of town. construction should be completed by the fall of 2019. I know I know, 2019… And it will be here before you know it.

JMKW Development will keep you posted on the cool and amazing development projects that our coming to our community.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next post on the spaceship the city is building underground!..Ahhh Just Joking!

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