Get Inspired: How Buildings relate to us and our Environments:

moonrise-el-paso-texas-alfredo-martinezEl Paso Photograph – Moonrise El Paso Texas by Alfredo Martinez



Everyday we walk around surrounded by these amazing gigantic structures that house us,cdnassets.hw store our wares, and are places where we work and make things.  How do we truly relate to such structures, these buildings that get built everyday.  What type of environments do they create and how do these buildings relate to each other?  Take El Paso for example.  In El Paso you have a city that is divided into sections by Franklin Mountains State Park, the largest urban park in the U.S.. How does the architecture relate to this park?  Do we see the architecture allowing more views to the beautiful landscape?  El Paso sits on the intersection of three states and on two countries.  How does this play into the architecture of the city?  How does this melding of cultures influence the aesthetic choices of the architecture?  Thom Mayne from Morphosis Architects has been awarded the American Institute of Architects Gold medal for his innovation in designing systems of buildings that reflect their environments.  His work is conceptually based, spurring from areas of Biology, Natural ScieS1Q8v2znces, economic trends, fashion, and the list goes on.  His perspective on how buildings influence cultures, environments, as well as other buildings is fascinating.

The next time you are on a walk. Look at the buildings around you and take a moment see how they impact you?

You can hear more from Thom Mayne here at his TED talk

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