JMKW Development: A One Stop Shot

Construction 101- General Construction

If you’re planning a large scale construction project, JMKW Development is the company to call. We offer a wide range of general construction services, including:

  • Architecture – We’ll make sure your property is built to your specifications
  • Concrete – We’ll build your structure on a solid foundation
  • Electrical – We’ll install the proper wiring and components to support your electrical needs
  • Finishing work – We’ll give your property a clean and polished look
  • HVAC – We’ll help you maintain a comfortable climate in your commercial space
  • Plumbing – We’ll establish an efficient and reliable plumbing system
  • Framing -We’ll build and construct the foundation to your commerical property


Trust JMKW Development, general contractors of El Paso, TX, to handle your commercial construction needs.